The phrase “tax planning and projections” can take many forms.

At Davis & Associates, P.A., our approach to tax planning is customized to the specific needs of the client and the issues at hand.

For some, it’s a short call to answer a question. This often happens late in the year as businesses and individuals work to close out the year and save on taxes.

We certainly provide this type of service to our clients and we try to be responsive to help support quick decisions. However, we also offer other forms of advice and different types of tax planning to our individual and business clients.

If a client comes to us with a question, we provide a “cite” to support our advice on a topic. This could be a short excerpt from our rich research library that we cut and paste into an email. If the cite is more extensive, we pull more in-depth topical papers and upload to a secure client portal or attach them to an email to explain how the concept applies to the client’s unique situation.

For cases where there’s more at stake, we calculate and model an example of the outcome of the topic, possibly in a Tax Planning Memo.

When major decisions are required to minimize taxes or to comply with IRS or state laws, we have tools to prepare Tax Projections.

Our top-of-class tax software has the ability to export prior year tax return data into a tax projection module for individuals. In that module, we can display one or more scenarios, showing the outcome both with and without the tax move. 

We also can set up proprietary Business Tax Projections to model outcomes, supporting major decision-making for owners.

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