Utilizing experience, expertise, and best-in-class professional software, our team will prepare accurate and timely Federal and State tax return filings for:

  • C Corporations (1120) and S Corporations (1120S)
  • Partnerships and Multi-Member LLC’s (1065)
  • Individuals (1040)
  • Estate (706 or 1041), Gift (709), and Trust (1041)
  • Tax Exempt Organizations (990)
  • Employee Benefit Plans (5500)
  • State and Local Sales/Use, Business License, and Personal Property Reporting
  • IRS, State, and Local Tax Representation for Audits, Notices, and Disputes
  • State Apportionment and Nexus Analyses and Reporting
  • Amended and Carryback Tax Filings
  • Special IRS and State Application Filings

Tax filings are transmitted securely with clear e-filing and e-signature instructions, and copies stored in a private client portal for access and distribution to lenders or other third parties.


Accessing knowledge in SMB reporting, software, and ownership/third-party needs, we offer:

  • Compilation, Review, and Audit
  • Preparation of Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports
  • Lender, Bonding, Insurance, Lease, Contractual, and Governmental Requirements
  • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly Accounting, Support, Troubleshooting, Help Desk

Presentation and delivery of reporting documents include digital, paper, and in-person options to align with timing and level of importance to owner or board needs.


Advanced tax experience, complemented with best-in-class software, provide us a unique ability to analyze interim results, model scenarios, and recommend actions to all business entities and individuals to optimize tax liabilities and to be compliant:

  • Closely-Held, Multi-Owner, and Family Businesses
  • Individual Investors and Business Owners
  • Related Party and Pass-Through Entities
  • Dynamic Year-to-Year Changes in Business and Individual Tax Positions
  • What-If Scenarios and Options for New Tax Laws

Our professional guidance will clarify complex tax and financial issues, and can assist in major decision-making towards positive outcomes.



Guided by professional standards, independence, and agreed-upon defined tasks and projects, we will custom-design engagements to focus on short-term operational challenges, financial performance, or long-term strategic plans:

  • Cloud and Digital Conversion of Accounting Systems and Software Apps
  • Key Performance Indicators, Analytics, Trends, Ratios, Loan Covenants
  • Entrepreneurial and Start-Up Business Planning and Entity Choice
  • Financing Proposals, Business Plans, Equity Funding
  • Merger and Acquisition Negotiations and Business Valuation
  • Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting
  • Succession, Estate and Personal Financial Planning, Exit Strategy
  • Personnel Recruiting, Placement, and Evaluation

Deliverables include digital and paper reports and correspondence, meetings, and advanced communications to support implementation of engagement recommendations.