Are rooted in solid business principles, but blended with advanced tax and financial skills, best-in-class software, and a strong knowledge management system. We can exchange digital or paper data 24/7 to adapt to your busy life. Our secure client portal provides a platform to upload tax and business documents or files to speed professional processes. Our tax returns, financial reports, and advisory documents are expediently delivered in digital format for download, or in traditional professional paper folders if you so choose. We schedule periodic in-person meetings and conferencing appointments to keep the lines of communication moving and to discuss planning, projections, and recommendations. When we encounter a challenge that is best served by another specialist, we will work within your network of contacts, or offer referrals from our preferred providers. We want to be a part of the total solution for you – by utilizing next generation processes, technologies, and communications – to stay a step ahead of your challenges.


Is a multi-faceted group with families and personal interests that value our remote-mobile and flexible work-life culture. We communicate, share knowledge, collaborate, possess a strong work ethic, and focus on solutions to our clients’ needs. And…we laugh, exercise, and enjoy our down time. We think fresh, happy professionals are more productive.


Are very comfortable and efficient, and easy to get to, with nice places to eat nearby. Our building, The Summit at Washingtonian, is LEED Gold-Certified, with a fitness center, free parking garage, and a lobby Café, and is just off the exit ramp from I-270/Shady Grove Road. We like working in flex space in an eco-friendly environment with nice amenities.


Is forward-thinking and we are proud to be considered early adopters of cloud solutions and digital communications. Marketplace competition requires real-time business intelligence and communications, and we strive to be thought leaders for our clients. It is our mission to maintain a “30,000 foot view” over our client businesses and financial positions, and to identify solutions to challenges before they become problems.


Are based on a foundation built with state of art security, first and foremost. We have carefully chosen best-in-class software products from industry leading companies, which are integrated into our network of paperless, cloud, digital, virtual, remote, mobile applications. With premier IT support, fast broadband access, comprehensive data management, and advanced communication skills, our team and our clients and colleagues can stay connected 24/7/365.


Demand advanced technical expertise and communications from caring professionals. We manage our tasks, projects, and due dates in a proprietary workflow system, which includes an array of quality control processes. Tax, Reporting, Planning, and Consulting engagement documents are delivered through our secure client portal system, and complemented by in-person meetings, email, and voice or video conferences. Our work is highest-rated by the AICPA Peer Review Program. We strive to be the most trusted advisor for our valued clients.


John (Rusty) Davis, CPA is a Maryland native with 40 years of experience in the profession. An active thought leader in the national Digital CPA community, Mr. Davis was designated as a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) in early 2019, and also designated as a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) in 2014. During 2019 he expects to be designated with a Client Accounting Advisory Services (CAAS) Certificate. Mr. Davis was pleased to be named as one of six finalists for the 2018 Innovative Practitioner Award presented by CPA.com, a subsidiary of the AICPA. He utilizes knowledge gained in many industries and practice niches to guide small businesses and individuals to their financial performance goals. While active in local community organizations, Mr. Davis advises clients throughout the U.S. and abroad.