Utilizing advanced tax knowledge and best-in-class software, we handle all tax return filings with clear communications and filing instructions. Forward thinking and an intimate dialogue with you allow us to provide valuable advice, with tax projection scenarios to model potential outcomes.


Advanced tax experience, backed by industry-leading tax research resources, provide us with a unique ability to analyze interim results, model one or more scenarios, and then recommend actions to business entities and individuals to minimize tax liabilities. Our guidance will clarify complex tax and financial issues, and support your decision-making for the following:

  • Closely-Held, Multi-Owner, and Family Businesses
  • Individual Investors and Business Owners
  • Related Party and Pass-Through Entities
  • Dynamic Year-to-Year Changes in Business and Individual Tax Positions
  • What-If Scenarios and Options for New Tax Laws


Utilizing best-in-class professional software, our team will prepare accurate and timely Federal and State tax return filings. All tax return documents are transmitted securely in a private client portal, with clear e-filing and e-signature instructions, which eases the process of sending copies to lenders or other third parties. Tax Return Preparation includes the following entity types and custom tasks and projects:

  • C Corporations (1120) and S Corporations (1120S)
  • Partnerships and Multi-Member LLC’s (1065)
  • Individuals (1040)
  • Estate (706 or 1041), Gift (709), and Fiduciary/Trust (1041)
  • Tax Exempt Organizations (990)
  • Employee Benefit Plans (5500)
  • State and Local Sales/Use, Business License, and Personal Property Reporting
  • State Apportionment and State Nexus Reporting
  • Amended and Carryback Tax Filings
  • Special IRS and State Application Filings
  • IRS, State, and Local Tax Representation for Audits, Notices, and Disputes

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