From start-ups to mature businesses, owners must think strategically in today’s ultra-competitive global economy. Disruption occurs rapidly in many industries, presenting both challenges and opportunities to the forward-thinking owner and executive.

While daily tactical business planning is required to keep the ball rolling, strategic business planning requires a step back, away from the fire.

Whether by team retreat, Zoom conference, or one-on-one meeting, Davis & Associates, P.A., can moderate the discussion, facilitating the tough questions, brainstorming, and healthy debate necessary to move forward.

Utilizing our many years of experience helping thousands of business clients in most major industries, we provide a resource that may be unavailable elsewhere. 

Our approach is structured, establishing a baseline of financial and non-financial key performance indicators, laid out in an agenda that ranks priorities. Exhibits or attachments are shared, with digital whiteboard notes if appropriate.

Discussion is sorted by topic, ideas are documented, objections are respected, and potential strategies are captured.

We then use scenarios and models to forecast potential outcomes, with quantification of a range of results for each strategy proposed. Each scenario or model is then converted into a financial or non-financial profile and communicated back to management in a draft document for study.

After a period of time, an ownership group reviews the outcomes from the earlier session, moving the process forward with the goal of reaching a consensus about what strategy priorities will be.

Future follow-up ensures that actual results are compared to projected results, helping everyone involved measure success. Adjustments are made and revised strategies are developed to pursue a mission and supporting objectives. 

Strategic plans may be a one-time project or may be updated on a rolling 1-, 3-, or 5-year schedule. 

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